Parasites and Apathites - an aphorism

edgar roy green, 02.11.13

Advice for life

For the most part it's not the government, or it's individual members, who's actions make me so angry. By their nature they're deceitful, greedy, power-hungry leeches. Of course they're invading countries so they can get control over their natural resources. Of course they're checking all our emails and our phonecalls. Of course they're using their influence to surpress particular news stories and ideas which don't serve their agenda. Of course they're taking our money off us to pay for it all. That's just what they do. Their goal is to do everything they can to preserve the structure of the system they've built which allows them to maintain their power, wealth and status. It is what it is. We'd be fools to expect them to do anything less. Getting angry at them is a bit like getting angry at the parasite on my neck, sucking my blood. That's just what it does. The person I should really be angry at is the dude standing behind me who can see it sucking my blood and doesn't bother to flick it off – he's the asshole, and the fool, because if there's one on my neck there's surely one on his too…

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